11 Best Harry Potter Kidswear

If you’ve got a child in the house, they’re sure to be thinking about their next dress-up session or Halloween outfit. Harry Potter is always up for mischief and has been known as one of the kids’ favorite wizards ever since he first showed up on our screens back when we were just children ourselves!

It’s time to show off your wizarding skills, even if you’re a Muggle. Kidadl has found the best Harry Potter costume ideas for kids out there! With our wild and colorful outfits that will have everyone asking “Where did they get their robes?” 

You can be sure not only are we entertaining in person but also on camera well because no one wants bad video footage from last Halloween. Kiddo up? Get ready with this helpful guide about how to dress like your favorite Hogwarts student at home or any other event where costuming may come into play.

11 Best Magical Harry Potter Costumes Kids

Since the release of Harry Potter, fans have cherished this series. Now an apparel line has been created that features all your favorite elements from movies such as The Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber Of Secrets in clothing form for newborns to young teens!

Shop Hogwarts iconic designs like hoodies or dresses with leggings while you can find T-shirts emblazoned with varsity-style logos by houses Gryffindor (red) Ravenclaw(blue), Hufflepuff(golden color); plus illustrations representing each individual house so they are sure to love their new Hogwarts gear no matter which one fits them best.

  1. Matalan Kids Harry Potter Fancy Dress Costume

For any child that simply knows they belong in Gryffindor with our heroes Harry, Ron, and Hermione- the Matalan outfit brings them to life.

The three-piece set includes a blue dress shirt bearing the gold foil letter “H” on the front chest area. A white collared vest featuring silver trimming around the neckline can be worn underneath both pieces for an elegant look or left off if desired; matching dark grey pants complete this fun getup suitable for all ages!

The perfect outfit for Harry Potter fans, this Gryffindor costume is easy to put on and includes a hooded cape along with matching badges. Plus you get the added bonus of glasses or even an invisibility cloak! 

For those who need something cheaper but still want to dress up as their favorite character then we recommend our Wizarding World Collection- it has everything from robes all the way down to hats so there’s no excuse not to find what fits best into your budget.

  1. Boden Hogwarts Crest Dress

For the ultimate magical experience, be sure to check out Boden’s collaboration with Harry Potter. They’ve created a whole collection of kid-friendly clothes that you and your little one will fall head over heels in love with!

The Hogwarts Crest Dress is an attractive and comfortable cotton dress that can be worn for either formal occasions or casual wear. The versatile design allows it to work with many different accessories, such as a witch’s hat and wand! Our favorite part about this cute accessory? 

It will keep kids happy on days when they don’t feel like dressing up at all because of how easy the outfit comes together quickly – no sewing required!”

  1. Harry Potter Junior Invisibility Cloak

When it comes to playing tricks on their friends, children are always looking for new ideas. This Halloween you can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter-themed outfit or costume that will have kids in awe this year! 

For example, the team at Wow Stuff has created an invisibility cloak and it’s known as one of those tricky situations where it would be helpful if we had such contraption during our childhood days…

Forget about scary monsters under beds; now your child might think twice before running away from something small like spider web because they know there is nothing he/she cannot handle when wearing this amazing magical garment made just by himself. 

Wow! A Stuffed cloak is an excellent tool for making videos. The green lining means it works with a green screen and you can use the accompanying app to make your kids disappear from video shots, just like in Harry Potter books when he used his wand or cape carnival games that made people invisible (but not really).

The design itself has matching colors so as soon as I got this thing out of its package my son knew what we needed at home–a laptop running some kind-of program capable enough to create content on demand; otherwise known today simply as “binge-watch.”

  1. Argos Hermione Granger Costume

It’s not too late to get your little one into the spirit of Harry Potter for Halloween. Argos has a perfect Hermione Granger costume that will make them feel like they’re in Gryffindor Tower themselves this year! 

It also makes an excellent World Book Day present or just something fun to dress up at home with while waiting around doing nothing else really exciting going on outside our homes these days…

The perfect way to dress up any girl is with this fabulous Gryffindor-themed costume. With a red and gold top, skirt, wig fitting perfectly over Hermione’s messy hair – all you need now are some books for her wand! The outfit comes in yummy toddler sizes too so that every little witch can be their favorite character from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  1. Baby Muggle Romper Set

This adorable romper set is the perfect Potter costume for babies too! It makes a great gift or prop in baby photoshoots, and can be dressed up with accessories to match any Dudley Do-right look.

The perfect Harry Potter Kids’ Costume! This outfit comes with a sleepsuit, comfy leggings, and a matching hat in Gryffindor colors. Available for newborns to nine months of age – kids will be excited about dressing up as their favorite wizard from birth at this great price.

  1. Harry Potter Costume

Smyths Toys has created an all-inclusive option for Halloween and beyond. If you’re looking to dress up as your favorite Harry Potter character, Smyth’s offers a costume that features everything needed: The robe (of course!), wand or cane, and glasses complete the look!

This is the perfect way to show off your love for Harry Potter and carry on a family tradition. This unisex hat features our wizarding world-inspired lightning bolt design with an attached Funny Hair accessory that’s great for kids of all ages, including those in prekindergarten!

This high-quality one size fits most snapback will have you feeling like Auror Moody or Gryffindor Keeper Snape when we gamely fly into action at Quidditch matches – no matter what side they’re on (although I personally prefer Ravenclaw).

  1.  Harry Potter Deluxe Quidditch Robe

A young Quidditch fan will be the envy of their friends when they receive this Harry Potter robe with all of the trimmings. Made to resemble a Hogwarts Seeker’s uniform, it features an orange color scheme and three pockets on either side – perfect for stowing away smaller items that may come in handy during gameplay such as makeup kits or extra gloves!

This Harry Potter costume is perfect for fans of the series. The front features a Gryffindor crest, and there are lace-up details that really make it stand out as if you were wearing one right now! 

Pair this with your own broomstick so no one can tell them apart from other witches or wizards around campus. They’ll think they interrupted an important game while trying on their new threads before going off into battle again against Voldemort himself (and don’t forget: all Quidditch players need lightning scars!).

  1. School Fancy Dress Set

For an easy Harry Potter look that’s perfect for World Book Day, a Halloween costume or just to use in general as day-to-day accessories with your child on theme days out this accessory kit has everything they’ll need.

The perfect outfit for all Hogwarts house students, the Gryffindor indicative uniform is now available in six different colors. You can either purchase a set that includes your school supply kit and accessories like brooms or you could add on any other appropriate items to make it more interesting! 

Whether as part of an artsy photoshoot with family members this Halloween season or just using these clothes during playtime activities such as backyard b-ball; having outfits matching those from one’s own House will always bring out some serious creativity within little ones–and sometimes even grownups too. 

  1. Kids Wizard Outfit With Beard

Did you know that Albus Severus Potter is the only child in all of wizarding history to have been Sorted into Gryffindor? He might be a little more adventurous than his dad, but there are still so many reasons why he’s just as good at using magic. 

For example: when Ron got lost and Hermione couldn’t help him find his way back home during their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry-Albus had already mastered one full Patronus charm before they were done looking!

This outfit is perfect for any child who wants to dress up as their favorite wizard. With the included beard, glasses, and wand these costumes are sure not only to be a hit with kids or adults but will also remind everyone around them that this Halloween they could have some serious magical power on hand!

  1.  Hongfago 5 Pcs Set Hufflepuff Robe 

The Hufflepuff House has a certain way about it that the average Gryffindor might not be able to relate to. Why not try out this cute outfit for your child? It comes with everything you need and all in bright colors of course!

You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting a separate outfit just for dressing up. Just put on your regular clothes and replace that tie with our special Harry Potter garb! Plus, this set is also available in Ravenclaw design. 

If you’re more loyal than generically curious about Luna Lovegood or Cho Chang’s personality traits. We get it; she was really nice but what else did I know?? This means not having two different sets: one from school days when there are exams coming up. 

Kidadl is a website that specializes in selecting the top parental-approved products across all internet domains for families of any age. If you have young ones, check out our suggestions on best magic-themed Harry Potter costumes or something different like STEM toys!

  1. Harry Potter Sweater

If you’re looking to cozy up this winter, look no further than a Christmas sweater. The Harry Potter films often play at Christmastime and it’s one of my favorite times in the film series! So why not wear your love for all things magical on your sleeve? 

These Harry Potter sweaters are perfect for any fan of the series. You can choose from designs that bear Hogwarts Castle on their front, like this Gryffindor sweater below! Or if Hedwig is more your style then pick one up to show off her snowy wings and perform “Hedwig’s Song”. 

As she flies by your ear at night while nestled against a lamp base; or maybe even take in all those vivid memories while sitting peacefully beside Platform 9 ¾ waiting patiently until King’s Cross starts overflowing with students boarding their Platform 4E & 5F train (there be some seriously exciting moments right there).

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