The Best Harry Potter Toys

It’s no secret that Harry Potter has been a huge deal for the past two decades. The movies have taken over pop culture, and people can’t get enough of J.K. Rowling’s magical world full of spells and wizardry! 

This is why it should come as no surprise to learn that there are some great toys on the market, both old and new! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at our favorite Harry Potter toys from all generations-from action figures to board games-and rank them in order of best toy for you or your child to buy today.

Best Harry Potter Toys & Gifts For Kids

When you think of the most popular book and film franchises, it is no surprise that Harry Potter would be at or near the top. People love these characters because they are instant role models to any child who gets their hands on them!

Get your wizard on and show the little one in your life that you support their interest, by getting them some Harry Potter toys. Whether it is a light-up magic wand or an original game of Clue; this list runs down 20 Best Toys For Kids Who Love Magic And Wands Too!. But seeing how Hogwarts was first released over twenty years ago there’s probably something here for everyone!

  1. Electronic Plush Mandrake

Mandrakes are not only adorable but realistic in all the right ways and not too frightening. They can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what they look like because that would just give your kid more nightmares than necessary! 

But thankfully these cute little creatures come with an interactive motorized speaker system so when pulled out of its pot it will cry or shake for some reason (maybe even both). 

A great gift idea for any Harry Potter fan who wants to try their hand at brewing some very nasty looking stuff – especially considering how often muggles use sound effects from movies as clues during game shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  1. Golden Snitch Heli Ball Helicopter

Quidditch is a sport in which players launch themselves onto their magic broomsticks and attempt to catch the Golden Snitches. At its heart, this game has similarities with soccer or cricket – but there are also some dangerous spells thrown into it! If you’re looking for something that’ll make your kids laugh while they exercise their brains out too? 

This toy would be perfect because not only does it float just above my hand when I hold up an arm at shoulder level; if they manage to capture one of these elusive objects by themselves (which won’t happen), then all glory goes straight back towards them as well.

  1. Wizard Chess Set

For those who haven’t seen the wizarding world of Harry Potter, one iconic scene is when Ron has to square off against his opponent for a game of Wizard Chess. And what exactly do you think this is? 

Well, it’s not just like regular chess because here with these sets pieces move by magic instead- which looks great in any young wizard’s library or study! The highly detailed figurines are identical on-screen counterparts. 

But they also have some really cool features that would make them stand out from other similar products available today such as having an impressive faux stone design making their board look even better than expected at first glance

  1. Tri-Wizard Tournament Game

The Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Tournament Game is quite literally a classic game with only a few tweaks. Anyone who’s ever played the original version of Trouble will know how to play this updated wizard-themed twist on it, which means that you can have all your friends over for an exciting duel between Slytherin and Gryffindor without any worries!

“Pop ‘n’ Race” is an innovative board game for kids. It’s like the classic races, but with a new twist: players press their dice to move around and try not only to beat other peoples’ times but also get as many circles completed on the board before them! 

Beware of spell cards though- those will send you right back at the start if cast by another player or sorcerer quick enough in this high-stakes competition between good vs evil where only one can reign supreme!

  1. Trivial Pursuit – World of Harry Potter Edition

In the magical world of Harry Potter, there are many hidden secrets. Now you can test your knowledge with this officially licensed trivia board game based on his expansive Wizarding World! 

The ultimate HP trivia set for any fan, this is a must-have. You can play all night before getting the same question twice because there are 1800 questions! invite people from Hogwarts over and see who has been reading their Potions textbook lately.

A full two-year subscription to Quidditch Through Time will keep your brain working away at outer space levels of hpundeep knowledge as you try not only to answer some very tricky Ravenclaw-related puzzles but also those pesky Slytherin ones too (literally).

  1. Multicolor Fuse Bead Kit

Fuse beads may not be a well-known craft, but it’s much more than just a toy. These small brightly colored pieces of jewelry come in organized trays and can be placed next to one another on the included pegboard for an innovative way to keep track of colors or numbers! 

The hot iron is a fun way to create your own original designs. You can use this technique with supervision from an adult, and the end product will be something that’s both playful and colorful! 

There are 19 different patterns available on Etsy right now in case you’re looking for some inspiration or just want all of the houses represented on one level – there really isn’t another set out there like ours because we put more care into making sure they were accurate than everyone else did before us!!!

  1. Deluxe Invisibility Cloak

Have you always dreamed about being able to disappear? Now, thanks to this invisibility cloak from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WOW), your dream can finally come true. You will never be seen while wearing it or without!

Include some text for each item in Stuff Collection explaining why it’s cool, witty, or creative. The kicker? You can watch as your clothes disappear into thin air! Here are three things you will need to know before using this product: firstly make sure that both parties have installed the required app onto their phone, 

Secondly hide behind cover glass by positioning yourself between two walls about ten feet away from where you’re watching third once there position the screen towards the device until the icon appears then select “Watch Me Change!” Be advised though – don’t use too much because overuse might cause invisibility sickness 🙂

  1. Dobby LEGO Minifigure

This official Lego Minifigure is a great way to add some personality and diversity into your kid’s collection. Dobby has been everybody’s favorite house-elf for years, so he’ll be an instant hit with any wizard!

He can also come as part of an ongoing adventure or just serve as another character in someone else’s world – whichever you prefer. 

Little Dobby is the perfect addition to any serious collector’s Lego collection. He comes with his own sock and Tome of Magi, two accessories pulled straight from movie sets that are just as intricately designed as you would expect an elfish face like Little Dobby’s funny-looking ones!

  1. Funko Advent Calendar

If you have been looking for a present to buy that special kid in your life, then look no further than Funko figures. These bobblehead toys are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults alike because they’re so adorable! 

The new 24-character Funko advent calendar is full of surprises! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this year’s offering contained some familiar faces. There are even a few surprise guests that will make you go “whoa!” Whether you’re an avid collector or just want something different for your shelf each December 25th (we all have those days). 

The Hogwarts Minis Calendar has got everyone covered with its diverse selection including members from both Gryffindor and Slytherin houses as well as blondes galore – there really seemed like no bias here whatsoever when it comes down to deciding who gets crowned king/queen at Yule Ball time. 

  1. Gold Snitch Pewter Keyring

In the entirety of Wizarding World, there is hardly anything as exciting or precious as a legend. The Golden Snitch holds tremendous value for Quidditch matches and has been shown to have game-changing power in some circumstances.

This keychain is perfect for any wizard who wants to be recognized as one of the fastest and most agile in their brigade. The detailed design offers an elegant touch while still being sturdy, so it won’t break off unexpectedly during use! 

At just over five bucks this makes a great stocking stuffer too–and with free shipping on all purchases at Chain Gang Toy Store? It’s not hard decision-making when you’re shopping here!

  1. Gryffindor Costume Robe 

The first thing you are going to want to do before getting this awesome and comfortable kid’s costume robe for Halloween is to make sure that your child fits the mold of Gryffindor. If they don’t, then chances are good that there will be an under-the-table git in their future with plenty more bells on it! 

There is a chance that your child will love this Gryffindor wizard costume. The best wizards in the world come from there and so can yours! Rubie’s costumes have dedicated themselves to making sure all children are healthy, happy when they wear them (because we know how hard kids work). 

This means you’ll be too because wearing such an amazing outfit deserves some extra attention on our end-to make sure everything goes smoothly during Halloween time. 

  1. Harry Potter CLUE Board Game

The new Harry Potter Mystery Board Game is ready to take on your friends and family! This fast-paced board game will have you working together in an effort to find the student who disappeared from Hogwarts Castle. With easy rules that can be learned quickly, it’s perfect for any fans out there looking at getting some holiday fun while exploring JK Rowling’s world of wizardry

The world’s most popular whodunit has returned with its newest edition: A all-new version (and perhaps one we should call “definitive”) which might just make this year’s gift-giving complete. 

Imagine arriving at an old, stone castle. Now imagine you’re a kid and the doors are all closed up around you with no way out except through this one open door leading into an unknown world beyond its threshold – but inside it’s warm! 

There are so many different rooms in here that look like they’ve been carefully handcrafted by someone who knows their stuff about architecture. Because everything has either sleek angles or rounded edges. 

Every hallway curves onto itself at just the right spot before coming back again laterally across another room without ever making sharp turns too quickly which would have thrown me off my game when navigating.

  1. Harry Potter Themed Uno

There’s a reason children and adults around the world love playing card-based games like Uno. It’s not just because it is quick-paced, fun for all ages or you can customize your experience by mixing up which cards go into what stacks – there are other factors at play here as well! 

For one thing, these types of experiences encourage creativity with guessing strategies that childlike imagination relies upon but also help sharpen logical thinking skills due to their emphasis on strategy over luck (a big advantage during adulthood). 

Another benefit? Games such as this will make anyone feel better after spending time dealing them out–even if we’re talking about something made from plastic pieces instead of wooden ones so typically won’t cause any damage. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play cards with your favorite characters from Harry Potter? Now, thanks to these specialized Uno cards featuring realistic photo images of all the best wizards and witches from Hagrid or Dobby. 

For those unfamiliar with this fun family game, there’s no need for a tutorial because anyone can learn how quickly it’s easy!

  1. Hogwarts Battle Card Game

The perfect way to enjoy the wizarding world, this deck-building card game features all your favorite characters and spells from J.K Rowling’s famous series! With over 400 cards that range in power levels (some stronger than others), there will be something for everyone.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert player ready to take on those pesky Death Eater apostles which have been plaguing Hogwarts students since Sorcerer’s Stone first came out? If not… well we can’t wait any longer because it looks like these new releases just might win us over.

The perfect gift for any occasion, this starter box includes 252 cards! You’ll never know which card your little one is going to find when they open it up. These are more than enough decks of playing wizardry with friends and family. 

Because there’s no limit as long as you have an imagination at hand on how many players can play together or against each other – unless someone has finally found the truly unbeatable deck…

This makes additional card packs a great way to give gifts without worrying too much about what might come inside; whether its maths problems solving skills through addition-speed counting techniques (perfect before exams!), flower arrangements made from arranging single petals into beautiful bouquets. 

  1. Illuminating Wizard’s Wand

The Noble Collection’s Illuminating Wand is a magical device that offers hours of entertainment with its detailed handle and battery-operated LED light. The construction includes feathers from different exotic birds, woods so rare. 

They can’t be found outside a Wizarding school – even some enchanted metal! This 

The wand will have you feeling like an authentic wizard in no time at all.

This is a near-perfect recreation of the movie wand, and its light-up feature will add a lot of legitimacy to any costume or cosplay. Just wave your new prop through an open area for it to turn on – no need to worry about batteries! This item also includes instructions in case you’ve lost yours (just like Genie did).

Wrap Up

You can find all your favorite Harry Potter toys at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you’re not able to visit, consider some of these other options and we hope they bring back wonderful memories just like the one in this blog post!

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