The Aftermath: We were all correct

Sometime a week before Book 7 came out, someone commented (I can’t find it now) that Harry would
, but then come back. I think most everyone on the site thought it was a silly idea. It sparked something in my brain though, I told several people at that time that I thought that just might be the perfect solution, but I couldn’t figure out how J.K. could make it work. J.K. is J.K. of course, and she did!
So, the half of the Harry Potter fans in the world who thought Harry would
were right! And the other half who thought he would live were also right!
For me, as I was reading, the book seemed to drag at places, it seemed like they spent a lot of time waiting around. Looking back now, I see I was just being impatient, wanting to know the end of the story. J.K. got them through the horcruxes little by little, with the other intrigue of the Three Hallows thrown in to disrail them, and ended up tieing all the loose ends nicely.
Here on this site, I was right all along, Dumbledore was
, but as I’ve maintained for years, he was
ed by Snape on Dumbledore’s orders, as a part of some as of yet unexplained grand plan. We finally know what that plan was.
On the other hand, there were several points that fans have been adamant for months and months about that I refused ever to believe. Harry was a horcrux, and even though I said I never thought that was true, I also said the only way it could have possibly happened was by accident, which of course is how it turned out it happened.
All the Snape/Lily shippers are this morning both incredibly happy (that they were right) and incredibly sad (that in the end, Snape had to
without reconciling with her only son, Harry). I always believed Snape was ultimately on our side, but never bought the Snape/Lily thing for a second.
We were ALL wrong about about what I had named, for lack of anything better, the Septology Symbol. I thought we had nailed it, the Greek letter Delta (a triangle) and the Greek letter Phi (a circle with a vertical line through it) standing for Dumbledore (Delta) Phoenix (Phi). It, of course, ending up being the anti-Dumbledore symbol, the symbol of the Three Hallows.
Nobody got anywhere near guessing anything right about the Hallows, as far as I know.
Mostly everyone got it right that the UK Children’s cover was a Gringott’s vault, and they were probably there looking for horcruxes. And even though opinion varied widely on this, I was strongly in the camp that the being on Harry’s back on the UK Children’s cover was a Goblin, not a House-Elf, because of the ears and the fingers, although I couldn’t imagine why Harry’d have a Goblin on his back. (Rob Gringott’s? You’d have to be mad!)

I’m still not exactly sure what is pictured on the US cover… Most of the conversation about it here revolved around the fact that neither Harry or Voldemort had wands, but in both of thier confrontations at the end of the book, they are using wands. Is the picture the ultimate moment, when Voldemort has just done the AK, and Harry has just Expelliarmused the Elder Wand?
We do finally know why Dumbledore smiled when Harry told him about Voldemort using his blood in Goblet of Fire. Dumbledore knew his plan was complete when he learned that, and that even though Harry had to
, Harry would be safe. Only J.K. Rowling could take such a complicated series of events and make it sound so logical and simple.
Some people we cared about
d. Madeye. George disfigured and now missing his twin, who
d doing what he did best, making a joke. Lupin and Tonks. Poor Teddy has to grow up without parents. But he has a godfather who knows what that’s like.
And in a strange bit of irony, actor Jamie Waylett’s birthday was yesterday (July 21), so his character, Vincent Crabbe,
d in the book that came out on his birthday!
But Percy came back at the last minute to stand with the Weasleys. Narcissa redeemed the Malfoy family and saved Harry by lieing for him. And Neville took his proper heroic place in the prophecy.
A fairy tale ending for the greatest fairy tale of our generation that
live for many generations to come. Thank you, Jo.

12 thoughts on “The Aftermath: We were all correct”

  1. Harry did not and come back, because he did not . Dumbledore said so. He survived the Adavra Kedavra because of the protection that he shared with Voldemort. So actually, those who thought Harry would were completely wrong.. not only didn’t he , he couldn’t have d.

  2. Yes, I really thought it was a great book but I still have so many questions, like when I was reading the last page I kept thinking: which job does Harry have now and that kind of things.

  3. I was surprised at the number of people who d. She said 2 main characters would , yet we lost many more lives. I would consider Fred, Moody, lupin, and tonks all main characters, and thats twice the amount!

  4. Harry *could* have d. Dumbledore said so — Harry had the choice to get back to living or continue on beyond the veil, so to speak… Anyway… to the brilliant creator of this site: I came to this website (“Dumbledore is not “) after HBP and I loved your analysis. While you were wrong about the main point, your analysis was spot on (Snape ed Dumbledore on his orders and his heart was not in it)… but only a creative genius like JKR could have come up with the problem of Dumbledore having a short time left to live, so it was all OK anyway. And, what about that… Dumbledore had a weakness for power, so he tried on the ring and it became a sentence. I think that’s why he shielded Harry from knowledge of the Hallows… because Dumbledore himself had a weakness for power, as did two other young equals of his: Grindelwald and Voldemort… and look what happened to them. He didn’t want Harry to turn bad, but, that’s why Harry’s so great — he doesn’t have any desire for power or cruelty. Just an amazing ending to the greatest series of books, ever! Thanks for this site, btw, I really enjoy reading your theories!

  5. I am going to be devastated now that i have no more harry potter books to look forward to. This really is the perfect ending for the perfect series and J.K did a great job keeping us in the dark and bringing twists and turns along the way. I would rate it infinate stars however since i don’t think it’s possible 5/5 stars do. I’m hoping that perhaps J.K can write a book or series that is written from dumbledore’s point of view and has dumbledore’s story in it. Even though we know alot about his previous life i still feel that there is alot more to know. Perhaps J.K can also write a series contuining on with harry’s children but i think that that’s a way too far-fetched thought. And hopefully she write an encyclopedia cause it be really fun to read. And i would just like to say that all Harry potter books would remain with me and stay in my soul forever. I still can’t believe life without harry potter but like everyone we have got to move on and find a new series.

  6. i can’t believe that its over…but enjoy today, its the frist day of the rest of our lives…long live harry potter and the memory of it all

  7. I have to agree with dirk, ive been wandering what jobs they have etc, whether or not george carried on with the weesleys wizard weezes now fred has d etc. However the book was still another masterpiece produced by J.K. An amazing finish to an awesome series.

  8. i cant believe there are no more books left! Well, at least the last book was great! Of course i was sad about the people , but there got to be. It wouldnt’ve been as good unless some people d. And also, it could’ve been worse, with ron or hermione ! I simply cant see how anyone can manke up a story like this series! Jk rowling is amazing!

  9. I also just finished the book. I do know what the american book cover stands for, its the moment Harry asks Voldemort to feel remorse. At least that’s my opinion, I can’t think of anything else, although they’re not holding wands. Just like Dirk, who posted earlier, I’m also having some questions. Why are two of the three children of Harry and Ginny named after relatives of Harry and none of them after a relative of Ginny? (I thought Fred would be nice…) What kind of job does Harry have? Did Neville ever get married? Who in the world would marry Draco Malfoy? What happened with uncle Vernon, aunt Petunia and Dudley? Where are they?

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